Other Publications as Writer

  • The Walrus October 13, 2016 – Essay from Vancouver in the Seventies, with photos
  • This Week In History – 1956 – Man Without A Country George Christian Hanna, The Vancouver Sun  December 27, 2014 p. A2
  • This Week In History – 1956 – Doc Bennett’s East Side Christmas Display, The Vancouver Sun  December 20, 2014 p. A2
  • Librarians as Technology Trainers – A Dispatch From the Front, Wired West Vol. 12 No. 4 (2009)
  • Emerge: anthology of The Writer’s Studio, Simon Fraser University (2004): Darius Fish & Camera Lucinda
  • Book Lust and Where To Sate It, The Vancouver Sun, May 31, 2003 p. D5
  • Frontier Women Project, Wired West Vol. 6 No. 3 (Spring 2003)
  • The Coaster (memoir) This piece, written for Portrait V2K was also included on the project website and in an exhibition at the Vancouver Museum. An extract was published in The Vancouver Sun Mix section January 1, 2000 p. D9; The Province October 22, 2000 p. A20; Hurricane in the Basement (2000)
  • Celebrating the Millennium – At Home, The Vancouver Sun November 26, 1999 p. C13
  • A Memory That Has Nothing To Do With Music, The Vancouver Sun, August 13, 1994  p. D10

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Publications as Researcher

 A professional librarian with a Masters of Library Science from the University of Western Ontario and an Art History degree from U.B.C., Kate worked as a news research librarian at The Vancouver Sun and The Province for twenty-five years, where she conducted research for reporters and helped manage their large photograph and digital image collection.

Kate has been the researcher for several books and numerous series’ and projects in The Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers over the years, including Stephen Hume’s three-year series on explorer Simon Fraser, which evolved into Simon Fraser: In Search of Modern British Columbia. In the Foreword, Hume stated that “Research librarian Kate Bird demonstrated her skill as a document sleuth nonpareil, locating amazing things in the most obscure places.” In 2002, Kate was included in a Vancouver Sun nomination for the National Newspaper Awards.

Making Headlines: 100 Years of The Vancouver Sun

By Shelley Fralic, with research by Kate Bird

The Vancouver Sun, 2012

Winner of the 2013 BC Book Prizes – Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award
It’s been said that a daily newspaper is the first draft of history. The first edition of The Vancouver Sun rolled off the presses on Feb. 12, 1912.  Ever since, it has chronicled not only the history of Vancouver and British Columbia, but the rapidly changing world around us. Through the Great Depression and both world wars, the moon landing, the golden age of Hollywood, the computer age, Royal visits and the Olympic Games, it has charted the explosive changes – geographic, demographic and social – right in our backyards. This book is a celebration of The Vancouver Sun’s first 100 years. It tells the story of Vancouver and the world through the eyes of a newspaper.

“Without Kate Bird’s patient humour, unflinching attention to detail and exacting standards, this book would not have been possible.”   Shelley Fralic

Lilies & Fireweed: Frontier Women of British Columbia

By Stephen Hume, Photo research by Kate Bird

Harbour Publishing, 2004 (Raincoast Chronicles 20)

Lilies & Fireweed explores a subject historians have avoided for far too long: the instrumental role aboriginal and pioneer women played in the making of British Columbia. Brimming with fascinating historical photographs and packed with unforgettable stores of women surviving in the unforgiving environment of early British Columbia, Lilies and Fireweed is based on Stephen Hume’s popular series “Frontier Women of BC”, which appeared in The Vancouver Sun in 2002.

I’m indebted to Kate Bird, who tracked down photographs and etchings as far afield as Yukon, in Alberta’s Glenbow Museum, in the provincial archives at Victoria, in university archives, in public libraries, municipal collections and obscure, out-of-print books. Without her energy, intelligence and skill, the series couldn’t have been what it was.”   Stephen Hume

Wildfire: British Columbia Burns

By Charles Anderson & Lori Culbert; edited by Shelley Fralic, Research by Kate Bird

Greystone Books, 2003

Honorable Mention: International Association of Fire Fighters 2004 Media Awards contest

British Columbians won’t soon forget the summer of 2003. From late spring through fall, more than 2,500 forest fires blazed across the province, leveling entire communities and more than 250,000 hectares of forest. Wildfire: British Columbia Burns is a compilation of the top photographs and stories from that long, hot summer, produced by editors, writers, photographers and researchers at The Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers.

Selected research contributions:

  • Simon Fraser: In Search of Modern British Columbia by Stephen Hume
  • The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver
  • The Way We Were: B.C’s Amazing Journey to the Millennium
  • The Encyclopedia of British Columbia
  • Canada Coast To Coast
  • The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect by Daphne Bramham
  • Canada’s Top 100:  The Greatest Athletes of All Time by Maggie Mooney
  • A Thrilling Ride: The Vancouver Canucks’ 40th Anniversary Season